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Spreadsheet Day 2

With what I learned yesterday, I was a little more prepared today to enter orders from the spreadsheet. I had already pared the list of targets down and chose to enter orders manually as quickly as I could for the targets that fired first. I ended up placing trades in XLV, HD, AXP, XLU, and JNJ. It was hectic transferring the entry orders and position sizes manually from the spreadsheet because the market was moving quickly. Here are the charts of the trades:

While I feel there is definitely room for improvement in what I managed to do today, the results (+2.25R) for the 6 trades were certainly acceptable. I may be stretching my span of control by following so many possible targets, but as long as I am paper trading this idea, I will continue to enter as many as I can manage so that I can look for other qualities to screen on the spreadsheets to help give me another edge.

Swing Trades

No swing trades were opened today. The double position in CAT was stopped out as well as OKTA. Net for the three positions was -1.51R. when combined with the day trades above, that gives me +.75R for the day.

Short: XES.

Swing Trades

I framed only one trade for possible execution today: adding a second position to PFE. It was filled shortly after the open. I have had several other projects taking the majority of my time the past few days, so I had no other trades to consider. PFE was framed because it is a current holding and looked ripe for a possible second position.

Two trades hit their stop losses today: CAT and SLB. Net return for the two trades: +2.33R.

This leaves the swing portfolio with 17 positions showing +.8R.
Long: AA(2), CBOE, CSCO, DIS, EWI(2), GILD, HD, IR, KR, MSFT, PFE(2), WYNN(2), XME.
Short: none.


I have had no time to day trade this week. I expect to get a few peeks at what is going on during the next two days while the market is open, but will need to rely upon my stops to lock in profits and minimize losses. The market classification system I am currently studying encourages a cautious approach at this time, so I may have missed my opportunity to lock in profits on some of the positions today as they went against me.